A Message from the NMSPA Board of Directors

After almost 75 years, the New Mexico Society of Public Accountants is coming to a close.  Our society of colleagues and friends have seen the emergence of a strong and influential group of professionals that has helped many small businesses throughout New Mexico have a voice.

Organized as an affiliate of the National Society of Public Accounts in 1947, the New Mexico chapter became one of the strongest groups of Registered Public Accountants in the nation.  At our peak, we had over several hundred members enjoying camaraderie, knowledge sharing, and lots of fun.  Our membership consisted of active members, associate members, student members, educator members, professional affiliate members, non-resident members, honorary members and retired members.

NMSPA was successful in promoting and maintaining a high professional and ethical standard, developed and improved accounting education while compiling and distributing beneficial information to our members.  We promoted harmony and fellowship among the accounting and related professions in the State of New Mexico and maintained honorable and cordial relationships between the accounting profession and the general public as set forth and contained in the Articles of Incorporation of the Society signed on December 30, 1946.


We have helped suppress unfair laws and encouraged passage of more favorable laws that have protected the public at large.  We have helped the small entrepreneurs by representing their interest to legislative bodies. We have had an effect that all our members can be proud of.


NMSPA provided outstanding service to our members because of our dedication to the three underlying principles of professionalism, responsiveness and quality.


As an era of technology rushed in, retirement of long-time members, and lack of new member interest, it is now time to retire out society that gave so many of us lifelong friendships.  The remaining assets of NMSPA will be distributed equally to the New Mexico constitutional universities with accounting or business programs.

From all of us on the final board of directors, we sign off with a heartfelt goodbye.


Richard F. Beeman, President




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