The New Mexico Society of Public Accountants provides outstanding service to our members because of our dedication to the three underlying principles of professionalism, responsiveness and quality.

The New Mexico Society of Public Accountants promotes and maintains high professional and ethical standards; develops and improves accounting education; compiles and distributes to the members information for their benefit, promotes harmony and fellowship among the accounting and related professions in the State of New Mexico and maintains honorable and cordial relationships between the accounting profession and the general public as set forth and contained in the Articles of Incorporation of the Society.

Membership in the Society consists of the following categories: Active Members, Associate Members, Student Members, Educator Members, Professional Affiliate Members, Retired Members, Non/Resident Members and Honorary Members.






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Our Board of Directors (Officers and Governors) are dedicated to provide NMSPA members with the best possible educational experience at an affordable price.  We strive to provide the opportunity for members to meet with colleagues in a congenial environment to share ideas and experience.



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